Your Pokémon journey

Imagine a Pokémon game where you can travel across all regions, catch rare and shiny Pokémon and complete the Pokédex. Where you can gather your team, head to ranked games and become a Pokémon Master. All while hanging out with your friends.

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Travel to every Pokémon region

Encounter and capture Pokémon in the wild as you grow stronger. Challenge and defeat every Gym Leader and become the champion!

Get competitive and show your skills to the world

Step up for a ranked game. Gain ELO as you win and make your way to the top where you will meet the true elite among Pokémon Masters!

Trade Pokémon to anyone anywhere

Whether you are trying to find a Pokémon you really want or looking to get some extra Pokémon Coins, Global Market is the place to go!

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Step up your Pokémon adventure with fully animated experience!

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Cosmetics, the best way to show off without adding an unfair advantage!

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